During my summers in northern Wisconsin, the thing that I love to do the most is to spend a day out on the lake with my friends to water-ski and have a good time. With so many lakes around the area, most of my friends and I are pretty avid water skiers. That being said, most everyone that I have known up there (including myself) have been involved in the Manitowish Waters Skiing Skeeters water-ski show team. The Skiing Skeeters are a non-profit organization who perform water-ski shows for the public.

In the Northwoods, a bit of history can be found all around you. Little Bohemia Lodge is located in Manitowish Waters, WI. on Little Star Lake.  While the restaurant experience is excellent, Little Bohemia is known for the history that it brings to the area. It is famous for the 1934 shootout that took place there between the FBI and Public Enemy # 1 John Dillinger. Recently, Little Bohemia was featured in the 2009 Michael Mann film, Public Enemies. Scenes were shot on location in Manitowish Waters in April, 2008.


Besides New England, one of the more promising places to grow and harvest cranberries is in the woods of northern Wisconsin.  Manitowish Waters, WI. is one of leading places in the entire country to produce cranberries.  In turn, the area around Manitowish Waters is populated with different families involved with the cranberry business.

The cranberry juice companies Ocean Spray and Northland use cranberries from the Manitowish Waters area to produce their juices.  Also, tourists and residents of the area can take cranberry marsh tours to get a personal glimpse of the harvesting and growing of cranberries.  So, where do you think your cranberry juice comes from?



During my summer vacations in northern Wisconsin, year in and year out, residents of the area seem to always have it out for the DNR.   However, for the people in the area who are familiar with the conflicts that have been going on for the past few years, this comes as no surprise.  In this area of the country, these ‘government officials’ seem to think that they can ‘rule the roost’ by delegating pathetic rules that have no meaning.

It almost seems like this group is doing more harm than good in northern Wisco. Just last summer, the government organization was threatening to restrict regulations on building for residents with water (lake) front property. Sounds crazy to me. In my opinion, they should stop sitting at their desks all day trying to figure out ways to ruin people’s lives. Instead, they should start to find ways to better them.